Agricomp Case Study: Verifying Claims and Customer Service Process

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AgriComp Case Study AgriComp provides computer systems for farmers and is attempting to decide on whether to change procedures for warranty claims disputes. Currently local dealers are handling disputes and the customers are complaining about the dispute process. AgriComp has decided to investigate the process to determine if the voice of some customers represents the concerns of all customers. This case study will identify the variables presented, the level of measurement, and why these levels are appropriate. The team will also analyze a data set of sample responses to determine the recommendation to be made to management. Variables Presented, Level of Measurement Used and Appropriateness A one-part survey asking two questions was administered to the dealers. The first question used an ordinal scale to measure how many dealers supported the replacement of the existing system with the mediator system. The second question used the nominal scale to determine the frequency in which each dealer used the appeals process. The variables presented in this case study are both indepe...

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