Against California Proposition 2 Essay

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In the November 2008 General Election, citizens of the state of California will be asked to consider many issues affecting the state as a whole. Out of the many propositions to be decided upon, Proposition Two has become one of particular interest. Currently, forty million animals are being raised on California farms for production of milk, dairy, cattle, and chickens: given these very large numbers and increased consumer awareness of current management practice, there has been an increase in concern for ethical treatment and welfare of livestock within the public. Proposition Two challenges standards of confinement for livestock, specifically: veal crates, battery cages and gestation crates. Veal crates are restricted areas in which calves (young domestic cattle) are reared for slaughter. Battery cages are enclosures in which multiple female chickens are housed to lay their eggs, and similar to veal and battery cages, gestation crates are areas of restricted space in which female pigs are housed during periods of pregnancy. If passed, Proposition Two would require all farming operations as of January 1, 2015 to house these farm animals in areas where they are able to extend their wings or limbs to full potential1. Although confinement of livestock and poultry is a well-established practice, modern housing does not allow animals to exhibit most normal behaviors3. Research has shown that animals held in restricted cage areas suffer from unnecessary stress and are unable to maintain normal bone structure, most commonly in the limbs and/or wings. The larger cages suggested by Proposition Two might provide a great deal of opportunities to supplement the wellbeing of animals and the quality of the products that they produce. Most... ... middle of paper ... ... eggs in the United States. As evidence indicates, the greatest impact of Proposition Two will be felt by the California egg industry6. Proposition Two is also risk to the safety of farm animal, the products they produce, and decreases sanitation practices in comparison to modern housing. Under the conditions of Proposition Two, livestock would be at a higher risk of contracting communicable diseases in comparison to the disease/infection risks posed by current caging methods. Proposition Voting no on Proposition Two will keep the animal agriculture business and its animals safe and healthy while keeping the California egg industry secure. Proposition Two appears to be a measure with great potential for both the animal welfare and animal agriculture, but in reality, studies and research have concluded that Proposition Two is a detriment to both animals and humans.
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