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534 words

African Americans During WW2 The significant contributions of African Americans throughout WWII launched the 20th century Civil Rights movement. Over 2.5 African-American men went in for the draft, and some were women who volunteered. They got much discrimination when serving in the Army Air forces, Navy, Army, Marine Corps, and Coast guard. There were over 167,000 men and women who who served in the navy, 909,000 served in the Army, 17,000 served in the Marine Corps, and 5000 in the coast guard. Some of the woman who did volunteer were nurses or cooks, but there was some who actually served in the war with the men. George Watson, served in the U.S. Army, he was the only African-American man to be handed a Medal of Honor. Then the Executive order 9981 was a part of the discrimination. It …show more content…

Even though the blacks were working just as hard and risking their lives just like everyone else. They also got put in different jobs than the whites. They were mainly placed in jobs that didn't put them out in the field with the other men. They were assigned mostly to labor intensive service positions with little responsibility, because people didn't think they were capable enough to do the harder work, they also weren't equipped enough and had fewer supplies than the whites. Although, most men did not get to go into the field some did and made a big impact like the Tuskegee Airmen. They made a big difference because they were they got a lot of rewards and even though they got so much discrimination for their color they still served the best they could to protect their country. After awhile of all the discrimination and hate against African Americans going into the military President Harry Truman started the Executive Order of 8802. It is where the african americans are now able to get into job training and start getting a fair employment. This concept was then shut down not soon after it started, then they started it up again and the new one was

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that african-american men and women were discriminated against during wwii, and that the executive order 9981 was a part of the discrimination.
  • Explains that the tuskegee airmen made a big impact because they got rewards and even though they were discriminated against, they still served the best they could to protect their country.
  • Explains that the tuskegee airmen were the first african american pilots to serve in the us military. they received a lot of rewards for their accomplishments.
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