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Reading serves a predominant role in society, and is not a concept that can be easily glossed over. As a teacher, there is a crucial role that I will play in how students perceive reading. Since all students do not learn the same way, analyzing and integrating various techniques and theories can help me reach a majority of students. By focusing on comprehension, connections, and continuation of reading outside of the classroom, I hope to encourage my students to invest in reading. Incorporating various methods can help reach all students when teaching the common core standards. One particular method that is extremely beneficial to the students’ learning is mini lessons. Mini lesson are brief periods of instruction that reflect the idea of “I do, we do, you do.” This particular idea includes the teacher demonstrating the concept being taught, with great emphasize on the metacognitive process on how the teacher knows how to do …show more content…

Aesthetic reading pertains to “reading with what the words refer to, but mainly to what we are experiencing, thinking, and feeling during reading” (445). Looking at reading on a efferent and aesthetic reading can help students better understand what they are reading, why they are reading it, and what they can take from it. Rosenblatt also discusses how reading is not strictly efferent or strictly aesthetic. Instead, reading can be seen as a scale, that both methods are used. I agree with Rosenblatt’s theory. I would say that reading should be looked at for its logical and informative purposes, as well as how it personally impacts the reader. Instilling this train of thought into my students is important. I would desire for my students to learn what they can from a text, but they should also be able to take the knowledge that they learned and see how it impacts

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