Advantages and Feasibility of Using Synthetic Oils in Production Vehicles

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During a recent company meeting, we discussed the benefits of substituting a synthetic based motor oil for the conventional petroleum based oil now used in our new production vehicles. This report investigates the advantages and feasibility of using synthetic oils.

Several oil manufacturers, as well as top engineers and engine builders, have submitted first hand information on this topic and strongly support the use of synthetic oil.

The use of this product will benefit our company in may ways, Singlehandedly, synthetic oils will boost power and fuel economy of every one of our vehicles, giving us high marks with prospective buyers of new vehicles as well as environmental agencies. This product is economically advantageous, not just to initially implement, but also on a long term basis. Synthetic oils release less contaminants to the atmosphere, are changed less frequently and protect an engine much better than conventional oils.

I recommend the immediate change to the use of synthetic motor oil for our new vehicles. The future lies with the best available technology, and synthetic oils are vital in keeping this edge.


Synthetic oil is a man made motor oil for use in almost every kind of internal combustion engine. Its material properties enable it to provide better fuel economy, more power and give off less contaminants to the atmosphere. It is recommended that all of our new vehicles use synthetic oil. Laboratory tests and scientific fact, as well as testimonials from famous engineers and engine builders, all confirm the superiority of these oils. In this report I will discuss the capabilities and properties of synthetic oil. I will also cover their economic and other beneficial advantages over conventional petroleum based oil that is now used.

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Today, the product undergoing considerable scrutiny is synthetic oil. After all, your old Chevy went over 100,000 miles on regular old 30 weight oil, so why take a risk on some man-made snake oil that might ruin your engine? These were probably legitimate concerns when synthetics first hit the market over a decade ago. But like anything else technical, synthetic oils have advanced and keep advancing all the time. Would your opinion of synthetics change if you were told you car's engine and drivetrain might last three times as long if you used them?

The backbone of powertrain protection is proper lubrication and minimized heat.

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