Advantages Of Working As A Team Member

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Working as a project team member can be very difficult, challenging and require skills diversity in order to complete project tasks successfully not only as individual, but also as team member. Range of various obstacles can occur during project duration, misunderstanding, communication difficulties, and differences in quality standards are only some of them. Project team work not always can be a negative experience, participate as a team member into project, can also be very pleasant and useful for an individual in regards to working with other team members and learn and gain a new experience. Contribution in a project can propose to a team member can also offer many opportunities to learn or master wide variety of different skill sets. Skills can be adopted not only by working on project itself, but also from collaborating from other team members. Team members, have different skills which can be adopted by other colleagues and applied during other further project work. Work on different project can also lead to selection of further career opportunities. Work on PM project was a very challenging, demanding but in the same time very useful and positive experience on many different levels. Despite the fact, that all team members are full-time employed, most team members made themselves available during most of the project duration time, but…show more content…
During our project a many task was delegated or shared with other team members what allowed everyone to contribute as much as all can and want. Unfortunately, a few task was not complete till late in a project due to lack of delegating by Project Manager to other team members, if all talk was delegated early enough, all needed parts would be completed earlier. All task was doable by other team members, there was enough time, and all had the skills, or could improve the skills by doing the delegated
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