Advantages Of Infotainment

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The media landscape has evolved tremendously over the decades. It was initially sought by the framers as a mechanism for political leaders to communicate with each other. Now, media is seen as a means of entertainment and for people to know what is going on around them. The basic roles of the media are; being a watchdog; where the media examines thoroughly government actions, informs the majority of any issues in electoral choices and any public policies. Infotainment is a mixture of informational, news surrounded with entertainment. Narrowcasting refers to targeting only certain ideologies and culture. While some critics may state the positive or negative side to Infotainment and Narrowcasting, both have served their purpose in keeping citizens…show more content…
Infotainment is known as the scandal place, due to its sources being entertainment, and prioritizing on ideological conflict. The whole point of broadcasting is aimed to keep people entertained and also serves as a means to pay for the company’s service since long segmented reports can become very expensive. Different types of news outlets that provide infotainment are comedy news shows like The Daily Show (using newsworthy stories to ridicule and performing skits to get a point across) or The Colbert Report(political conservative views), and YouTube. Politicians use infotainment for larger audiences and draw attention to major issues in a way that people will watch. Infotainment allows opinions that provide more sides of a story to be heard. Also, many of these infotainment outlets draw young people for an attitude change. Infotainment includes alternate methods that help citizens be involved in political issues and a way for politicians to connect with citizens. An example is seen with the internet itself, with different social media networks providing political information and viewpoints. Such social networks like; Yahoo! Facebook and Twitter, give instant news feed which one can also comment or view other people’s commentary and relate to their
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