Advantages Of Climate Change

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Any just solution to the problem of climate change will need to give priority to the interests of those living in developing countries Climate change as defined by (National Research Council 2010) is a significant and long term shift in earth weather patterns over periods running from decades to thousands of years. Environmental change is created by various factors like, biotic actions, differences in solar radiations received by earth, plate tectonics, volcanic ejections and recently human activities have been recognized as significant reason for recent but dramatic environmental change. In recent years climate change regularly alluded to as global warming has gained prominence due to its perceived negative effects on earth and its inhabitants. In this essay we discuss why cost benefit analysis is best approach to solution of climate change as well as other approaches and their problems. There are currently three big approaches to deal with climate change. One of the Three approaches is Equal Emissions or Equal Sacrifices. This approaches consisting on two methods equal sacrifices and equal emissions draws upon concept of fairness and Justice in climate reduction however it fails to take into account the complexity of fairness while belief in fairness is universal among humans ,however individuals frequently differ about precisely what is fair and what fairness requires in a particular circumstance. At no place is this more obvious than in the arguments over the requirement to lower the outflows of Greenhouse Gases, so to avoid dangerous Climate variation. Equal Sacrifices - Proposed by Miller(2007) this principle is about Mitigating - reducing the extent of climate change concertedly. This solution involves 2 steps firs... ... middle of paper ... ...nomic growth which developing nation so desires after all any solutions to climate must make sure that developing nation are not hindered from growth . With economic growth countries and its inhabitants will become wealthier and more educated thus equipping them better facilities to deal with climate change. theories of equal sacrifice and equal emissions will only work if everybody is on same baseline which we are not, world is very equal hence making equal sacrifice principle not only unfair but also unpractical. To have fair race all participant must start from same place otherwise race is not fair in same way theories of equals are like starting at different places in a race. As for human right approach while theoretically it's a strong contender unfortunately human right approaches are like communism they work perfectly in theory but in reality are unworkable
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