Global Warming Problems

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At the present time natural phenomena are the main concern of physicists, climate scientist, and even the largest environmental organizations due to its risks on our lives and our planet. These natural phenomena can change the way we live and the place we live by destroying anything stand on their way. Some of the natural phenomena that might risk our lives are volcanos, floods, and hurricanes. Those are some of the phenomena that might put us in danger, but the dangerous one is global warming. Global warming is the most dangerous phenomenal, because it can cause some other phenomenal by changing the ecological balance. As we know, each problem has a solution and Global Warming is one of the problems that have some suggested solution after studying the problems by the scientists.
Global warming is the increase of the amount of the Greenhouse gases, the gases that keep the sun heat in the atmosphere, more than the natural state. The increase of the Greenhouse gases causes a rise in the average climate of the planet. Human activities cause the greenhouse gases to accumulate in the atmosphere, and cause an increase in the global warming. The main gas that causes global warming is Carbon Dioxide, which is produced by vehicles and Industrial operations. Also, there are some more gases that cause global warming such as Methane, Nitrous Oxide, and Fluorinated Gases.
The increase in the planet temperature can make huge changes in the geological composition and the water surface in the planet. Some of the effects that global warming might causes are floods, melting the ice caps, and hurricanes. The increase in the temperature is melting the ice caps on the North and South Pole, and increase the water level in the planet. Many cities ...

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...ff, we can exchange it with electric trains. Trains that work with electricity can be useful to transport people and stuff.
Global warming can harm the planet seriously and effect the way we live. Global warming is one of the most important issues in our modern world because of its danger to the planet. Warming the planet caused by human activities such as Industrial processes and transportation activities. Scientists have decided many solutions to solve this problem such as producing energy in clean ways and use less energy. Some of the clean ways to produce energy are solar power, wind power, and hydropower. Also, consuming less energy can save the planet, and decrease the energy production process. Finally, global warming is a serious issue that needs to be solved soon before the situation become worse than now and more complicated.
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