Advantages And Disadvantages Of Study Alone In Group

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There numerous ways to study nowadays and way to memories or how to learn for everyone. It can be easier for ones or hard for others, some students like to study alone other like groups either way can be good or bad. That why their advantage and disadvantage to study alone vs. studying in group. There no good or bad answers since everyone has their own opinion about what work best with each one. The only way to discover the best method for you is to try both and see which one work the best. The pro to study alone allows you to decrease the change of getting distracted by making you to focus more on what you really need more help working on your own pace. Example: Laura has a test on Wednesday of medical terminology and is already Tuesday,…show more content…
The downside of this is that you can get distracted in a group versus alone. I can go on and on saying good thing about one and the other, but the bad site is catch up for each one. As you can see comparing this too team would give a lot to think, for example I prefer to study alone for the test because I can focus on what I need, but when I get stuck with a problem there no one to help me and when I get in a group I don 't work that fast and I still can learn a few things but in some point we all change our topic to something not related at all to the homework. Not saying that I choose to study alone or in groups just explaining you what I really think of this two. Everyone is allowed to express their opinion agreeing or disagreeing between the pro and con in the study alone vs. in group. Despite of what has more good than bad is always the student choice and how he feels more connected. I can say is good to studying alone because of this and that or go for the studying in group and say my main points, but to be honest, it can also be a mix of both depending on what you need more focus and who are you study whit. This two side can turn into a debate why one is better that the other but to be genuine either one is good and bad. It all depends in

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