Advantages And Disadvantages Of Single Parents

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A Comprehensive Perspective on The Academic Disadvantages of Single-parent Children

The increasing rates of single parenting families leads to advantages and disadvantages on children. Researches show that children from single-parent families have worse academic performance than those children residing in two-biological-parent families--single parenting have a negative effect on children’s academic success because single-parent families usually meet with more financial, social and emotional challenges. There are different kinds of solutions provided, including volunteering organizations, financial supports, policies, and emotional supports, and these supports all together can help children from single-parent families minimize academic disparities
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First, parents who have hard time manage their financial assets tend to focus more on how to recover their family back to normal, and ignore their children’s personal lives. From an empiricist view, single parents, especially single mothers, have a high rate of poverty. According to Collins, “Single-mother families have consistently, on average, experienced lower levels of economic well-being than other family forms… Rather than fathers’ absence, single mother families suffer because of gendered economic inequality.” (Collins) In most cases, absences of father in families causes economic hardship for single mother. Single mothers confront economic inequality because of gender issues: they tend to receive lower wages than men do if they work under the same positions. Single mothers face greater difficulties raising their children alone not solely because of economic hardship, but also because they cannot balance between work and children. If single mothers work more hours and getting higher paychecks, their children will have a hard time study by their own; on the other hand, if single mothers spend time with their children with their homework, they might not have enough money to support their children’s education at the end. Second, social issues also causes

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