The Effects Of Raising A Family

Raising a family is like a roller coaster, sometimes it moves up everyone is happy, and they get along. Other times when family members dislike each other and things are bad the rollercoaster moves down. No matter what most parents manage to get their families through the ups and downs that the life throws at them regardless of the difficulty. One of the things that makes raising a family more difficult is when then younger sister/brother is more spoiled than their older sibling. If the parents are not careful in how they raise their kids and they spoil one more than the other these could be risky for the family. This can cause many problems in the future that could jeopardize the family relationship. People can relate to this situation if…show more content…
The sister and Stella-Rondo does not get along since they are young because of the age difference. The sister mentions that Stella-Rondo is one year younger that her “for the reason she’s spoiled” (437). The older sister did not like Stella-Rondo from a young age because she gets everything she wants. The disrupts the older sister because it makes her feel like she is not part of the family, almost like she is just there to take care of the family and not be a family member. Another reason the older sister is jealous of Stella –Rondo is because she never appreciates what others do for her. Stella-Rondo has a tendency to mistreat the things that she gets from people and her parents. For instance, in the short story the narrator mentions “she always had anything in the world she wanted and then she’d throw it away” (437). When the older sees that Stella-Rondo throws away the good things that she receives from her parents she gets upset with her younger sister. The older sister thinks that is unfair that she can have anything she wants, but she chooses not to appreciate or take care of the good things her parents give. In today’s society this is a problem that many parents have with their younger kids, they get whatever they want without having to work for it. Unlike their older brothers/sisters who have to earn what they want is how the older sister feels. The last reason that the older sister is jealous of her is because she had an opportunity to get out of town and she threw the away. For instance the town that they live in is relatively small the older sister states “as soon as she got married and moved away from home the first thing she did was separate”(437). The older sister saw Stella-Rondo marriage as an opportunity for her younger sister. She thought that her younger sister is going to take advantage of this opportunity of
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