Advantages And Disadvantages Of Maintenance

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maintenance helps in identifying the cause of failure, e.g. whether the failure is due to design defect, or a wear out failure. It also helps in deciding the type of maintenance and maintenance decision like replace and repair, it provides the necessary information regarding the life and reliability of the equipment. Past and current maintenance practices in both the private and Government divisions would infer that maintenance is the activities related with equipment repair after it is broken. The dictionary describes maintenance as: “the work of keeping something in proper condition; maintenance.” This would imply that maintenance ought to be taken to keep a gadget or part from failing or to repair ordinary gear degradation experienced…show more content…
Disadvantages: Its activities are expensive in terms of both direct and indirect cost. Using this type of maintenance, the occurrence of a failure in a component can cause failures in other components in the same equipment, which leads to low production availability. Its activities are very difficult to plan and schedule in advance. preventive maintenance preventive maintenance can be characterized as takes after: Actions performed on a period or machine-run-based timetable that recognize, block, or relieve corruption of a part or framework with the point of supporting or expanding its helpful life through controlling debasement to a worthy level. The Navy spearheaded preventive support as a way to build the unwavering quality of their vessels. By essentially exhausting the fundamental assets to con-channel maintenance exercises proposed by the gear creator, hardware life is expanded and its dependability is increased. In expansion to an increment in reliability, dollars are spared over that of a program simply utilizing responsive support. Studies demonstrate that this investment funds can add up to as much as 12% to 18% on the

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