Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Communication

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Introduction 2
Electronic communication 2
Advantages 2
Disadvantages 2
Examples of situations within my experience 3
Computers and Laptops 3
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) 3
Entertainment 3
Examples of situations outside my experience 4
People with disabilities: 4
Finding a (council) house: 4
Affects of electronic communication on organisations: 4
IT and manufacturing 5
IT and commerce 5
Banking 6
Affects on people who do not have access to electronic communication: 6
Digital Divide 6
Disabilities 7
People who do not wish to have access to electronic communication: 7
The Amish 7


In this task I am going to write a report on the effects of electronic communication on me, my family and the society. I will extend my report by giving a clear explanation that includes society in general, i.e. people and situations outside of my normal experience (i.e. business). I will also include in this report the people that do not have access to electronic communication.
Electronic communication
Businesses – cost savings, efficiency, access to prospective customers
Users – fast, easy access to information
Available 24/7
More leisure time?
The environment – less paper

Impact on health
Obesity, lack of fresh air, repetitive strain injury
Information overload leads to stress
Less social contact
Advertising and resulting peer pressure
Security, privacy and threat of viruses

Examples of situations within my experience
Computers and Laptops
These are common communication items at most people’s households. There are many communication features as well as software on a laptop and computer which are helpful in a day to day lifestyle.
I use my laptop a lot to complete various pieces...

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...acked by two billion people worldwide).

People who do not wish to have access to electronic communication:

The Amish
The Armish have a reluctance to adopt modern technology as they believe that the use of modern technology is bad for them and they do not want it. They have no use of of mobile phones, internet or electricity so for them it is difficult to communicate electronic so they rely on face to face communication.

Older people who don’t want to use computers
Many older people do not want access to communication for many reasons. The majority of the time they do not know how to use it and do not want to take lessons as they can't afford it. Older people might not want access to electronic communication as they are afraid of what might be out there and any problems that they may encounter online and might be taken in by the false adverts that are out there.

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