Adoption Vs Child Adoption

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Adoption is a legal arrangement which involves a couple or a family permanently taking on the parenting of a child or teen. Teen adoption is considered one of the toughest decision for a family and an adopted teenager. Adoption has become a shortcut to parenthood especially to individuals that have delivery. There are different types of adoption: International adoption, national adoption, child adoption, and adult adoption. These types of adoption vary legally. International adoption is based off a couple adopting a kid from a different country. National adoption is an adoption within a country, which is from state to state. Child adoption is done during infant while adult adoption is done when an individual has a decision and is aware of…show more content…
The connection between parents and child’s competence suggests the outcome of the child. The results will be very beneficial for the family and society. This connection is longed for by children raised in a same-sex family, as well as children raised by a heterosexual couple. Lack of connection between a parent and child destroys a family regardless of the gender of the couples (“Parental Influence”). According to Steve J. Cole, healthy and loving bond can change an individual to be more positive and productive. A man with a loving relationship is more contented and more valuable than a man who acquires much money. A healthy relationship makes living much more enjoyable even when life situations seems uphill. Love provides inner-peace which enables an individual to get through life. However, when it comes to the topic of what else contributes in hindering the psychological well-being of a child, most of us will readily agree that toxic and parent stress can be another key factor. Parenting stress is when parents come into situations that they do not feel prepared to handle. Thus, parenting exceeds what is socially expected, or whereas the demand of child-rearing placed on a parent is unfeasible in raising a child. This type of pressure tends to show up when the parent does not feel that he/she is accomplished to achieve the ideal things when it comes to raising a child. Demographic characteristics of study samples states that parental stress exists in every family. Parent stress is influenced by the background of the parents, moral judgements and understanding of child rearing (“Parental Influence”). in the other hand, children’s minds are fragile, their psyches unravel when they are faced with toxic stress. Toxic tension destroys a child physically, emotionally and, socially. The ability of a
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