Adnan Syed's Murder Case Study

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On January 13, 1999, a girl named Hae Min Lee was reported missing and later found dead by being strangled to death. Her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed got arrested and is currently serving life in prison for her murder, but is he actually guilty or innocent? Hae Min Lee was a girl who went to Woodland Hill high school and her boyfriend, Adnan Syed went to the same school and also classmates. The story of serial is about Adnan Syed and Hae Min lee’s murder narrated by Sarah Koenig who is investigating this case to find out what really happened that day of her death. This case is interesting because her killer still remains a mystery to this day. After investigating, Adnan Syed is innocent for her murder because alibi’s recall seeing him at the library…show more content…
When Hae was murdered, Adnan was at the library, checking his email and waiting for track practice to begin while talking to an alibi. The alibi was named Asia McClain and she claimed that she saw Adnan at the library. Asia talked with a Rabia, a good friend of Adnan, who concluded “And she told me, that day after school I went to the public library. And Adnan was sitting at a computer, checking email or something. And I sat down next to him. We started chatting.” (Episode 1:The Alibi pg 18). This shows that Asia told Rabia that she saw Adnan at the library and an alibi was around to see him. Asia remembered specific details of what happened that day with her and Adnan. When an alibi claims to have seen someone, the alibi would have proof of the sighting. Also, Asia’s boyfriend claimed to have seen Adnan when he was asking Asia if Adnan was hitting on her. “Asia plus boyfriend saw him in library 2:15 to 3:15." (Episode 1: The Alibi pg 19). This piece of evidence can show that not only Asia claimed to see Adnan, her boyfriend is also an alibi confirming that Adnan was at the library. When Hae was murdered at around 2:36 pm, Adnan could not have killed her, buried her body far away, and be back in school when there were alibi’s…show more content…
Adnan is innocent because he cares for Hae deeply, even when they breakup. Adnan was not showing signs of anger or a urge to kill during and after their relationship. Adnan Syed's, his alibi, and his close friends can claim that Adnan was innocent when Hae was murdered but different evidence, people, and suspects come up so it can be difficult to determine if someone is innocent or guilty, but crucial evidence that stands out from others can be the key to solving something. This paper can be learned from that there are different evidence that can prove if someone is guilty or innocent, so it is all on opinion. Different evidence can apply to different people’s point of view and what they think can also be their
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