Adlerian Personality And Personality

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Alfred Adler's birth order is a description of five psychological positions and it has allowed me to reflect on mine and my sibling's development and its impact on our current lifestyle. (pg.66) I will focus on my birth order from my mother's side which includes three sister and two brothers for a total of six siblings. In order to do so I will first talk about my sibling's characteristics and lifestyle traits and how they relate to Adlerian birth order and lastly, I will explore how I can use Adlerian birth order to help my future clients. I have five siblings and they all have an array of characteristics that make them unique many of them can be explained by Adlerian birth order such as the caring and expressive nature of my sister Amani who is the second child. (pg.66) I have observed that Amani takes on a motherly role with our younger siblings and has excelled in areas such as dance which I here older brother has no skill. Amani tends to be very expressive and will always speak her mind and in agreeance with Adler and the pressures the second child feels with competing and catching up to the first born she has shown me she wants to surpass my academic achievements, but at an early age. Amani was part of Gifted and Talented (GT) such as I but was tested in elementary while I was…show more content…
(pg. 65) With my own client, we could map out his or her birth order and discuss the interactions between siblings and their parental figures. By understanding where my client is on the birth order I can assess their personality and the way they interact with others in society. If my client can understand their place in their families birth order it could help them to identify the impact their siblings have on them and also how to become more empathetic to their sibling's characteristics and lifestyle
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