Addiction To Video Games Addiction

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The phone begins to ring and you look over to see who 's calling. It 's your closest friend who likely needs to hang out and it is Friday night. You consider getting the telephone, yet you don 't. Rather, you think, "I 'll call him when I complete this battle.” The game will make you excessively busy and you will forget to call him. Like you, most People who dedicate a large portion of their time to playing a computer game are computer addicts and they experience circumstances in which they need to pick whether to interface with this present reality or keep living in their virtual one. The percentage of addicted gamers is estimated to be at least 4.6-12% (Thomas and Martin). Video games addiction is a serious problem that I face and it causes my isolation. I did a survey and research to understand the concepts better in order to overcome my challenge. Science shows addiction to video games as a harmful element. Kimberli Young (p.12) says, addiction to video game effect on people in different age not only are children, teenagers, and college students .the professional experts say the dreamlands offered by PC and computer games can turn into the stuff of genuine addictions…show more content…
Result from my survey and research indicate that there is a connection between isolation and addiction of video game .The lack of social interaction that results from addiction of video game can cause isolation. Therefore, When addiction comes in to play, it the time to take action and overcome with this issue by regulating the time of playing and limiting amount of money to buy games and finding other activities to do. By doing that, hopefully the people who are addicted like me and spend more hours a week stuck to their computer games are able to acknowledge the real effects of the games that they played on their social life in order to deal with this

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