Ad Campaign: Clinique

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Visual Essay

“Till Warmth do us Part” “Will you marry me? “ I do.” I swear my love to you ‘til warm water do us part.” Well obviously this isn’t your typical marriage because we aren’t talking about your typical couple. This is the marriage between your lashes and the new Clinique Lash Power Mascara. Mascara strong enough to fight even the most common moisture you encounter during your daily routines, such as rain, sweat, tears, and humidity. Are the facts true, or does Clinique just have sweet advertisement skills? The visual is black and white; centered in the middle of the page on a white background, the mascara wand is positioned next to the mascara tube with an engagement ring and wedding band closely binding them together. To most people, this advertisement is just boring with not much “pizzazz” which most people prefer. Some consumers may also feel that if you want them to spend their money on a product, then the advertisements needs to be convincing and interesting to attract the consumer’s attention. I feel this add portrays sophistication while maintaining a level of simplicity which makes it attractive. When it comes to make up what do you want? Do want makeup that is busy and caked on, or do you want make up done to the simplest form, which makes you look natural and beautiful? What Clinique is trying to say is, “We are a makeup company that can give you lashes that are not just glamorous and dramatic but also simplistic, water proof and smudge proof.” You the consumer shouldn’t want anything less. If Clinique’s ad was any busier, what could that say about their product? Sure some consumers would be attracted to it, but to other consumers it would make Clinique appear to be another cheap line of makeup like N.Y.C or Bon Bon, which often has overly busy advertisements displaying young models caked in the makeup product. While these lines of makeup products are sold in stores like Walgreens or CVS. Clinique is sold in department stores such as Dilliards, Neiman Marcus, and Saks and Fifth Avenue. Now we have to look at the validity of the argument that Clinique is trying to make. Clinique states their product can last through rain, sweat, humidity, and tears but will easilybe removed with warm water. Does this really make sense? Humidity, sweat, and tears, are all warm types of liquid that comes naturally from the body or the environment.

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