Actionable Intelligence

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Outline Broad Topic #5: Using two examples covered in H100, analyze the efficacy of various techniques used by military units to obtain actionable intelligence in order to achieve mission success. What factors have proved, over time to be the greatest obstacles to obtaining actionable intelligence? In your analysis, be sure to address what techniques appear to be most favored by military forces—and why. How effective have such techniques been in the past and how effective do you believe they will be in the near future? In your conclusion, identify the techniques you believe will best help U.S. Soldiers obtain actionable intelligence in the contemporary operating environment. Narrow Topic: Intimidation and perception are obstacles that hamper the collection of information used for actionable intelligence. Counterinsurgency operations and humanitarian efforts continue to increase the availability of valuable information to assist in the gathering of actionable intelligence. Thesis: Actionable intelligence is gathered using both humanitarian and counterinsurgency techniques. Soldiers earn the trust of the local populace trust and gather intelligence information for mission success. I. Introduction/Overview A. Benefits of actionable intelligence B. Use of actionable intelligence for preparation of operations II. Factors that have not contributed tangible information for actionable intelligence gathering A. Insurgent intimidation of the local populace limits the communication to the with coalition forces. B. Perception is a barrier that tends to hamper the collection of intelligence information III. Counterinsurgency techniques that have proven to provide valuable information for actionab... ... middle of paper ... ...their pride and self- esteem. The use of counterinsurgency operations not only assisted the locals but providedbut set the stage for the locals to provide tangible information to the U.S. military that was subsequently used for actionable intelligence during full spectrum operations. References “Imperial Grunts: With the Army Special Forces in the Philippines and Afghanistan-laboratories of counterinsurgency” “Winning the Peace: The Requirement for Full-Spectrum Operations” “U.S. Military Humanitarian Efforts Planned for 99 Nations” (13 July 2006), Retrieved July 21, 2010 from Wikipedia, War in Afghanistan (2001-Present), Retrieved July 21, 2010, from
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