Acidic Acid Experiment

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PHYSICAL SCIENCE REPORT – ACIDITY OF HOUSEHOLD SUBSTANCES 1. INTRODUCTION I think the experiment was interesting to see how chemicals including common household products can be acidic, bases or neutral. It was very interesting to learn that many acids are not dangerous. Some are even found in the food that we eat. Any food that taste sour is acidic. Bases are also found in common household products. They can be very strong and dangerous or weak and safer for use around the house. 2. INVESTIGATIVE QUESTION To prove how much acidic levels are in our household products and foods ACID BASE NEUTRAL Coffee Ammonia Olive Oil Lemon Juice Baking Soda Melted Butter Soda Pop Cough Medicine Vegetable Oil Orange Juice Liquid Soaps Pledge (It Contains Neutralizer) Vinegar Drain Cleaners Milk (white skimmed) 3. HYPOTHESIS Based on the experiment using the red cabbage, I can tell if a liquid is an acid, base or neutral using red cabbage juice as an indicator. • If the liquid turns red then it is an acid • If it turns green then it is a base • If the liquid stays purple then it is neutral 4. V...

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