Accounting for a Restaurant

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Accounting for a Restaurant


I have just been assigned as the new system analyst at a restaurant

called 'Venice' that specialises in Italian food. Up until now all the

accountancy was done manually, so it took a lot of time to keep it up

to date. To make it easier and more efficient I have been assigned to

introduce a spreadsheet system to help calculate the annual profit the

restaurant makes. This will save hours of paper work. The new method

will save all finance information into a spreadsheet that can be

easily accessed. Information could be searched for and found at the

click of a button. Formulas will enable me to automatically work out

the annual profit of the restaurant and other important calculations.

As I edit things like prices, the rest of the information in the

database linked to them will also change. Hopefully, the new

computerised system will help me get the accountancy of 'Venice' back

on track in no time.


To find out the exact requirements for the new spreadsheet system I

decided to carry out an interview with the manager of the restaurant,

asking his opinion. This is how it went:

Manager: I am really glad you've accepted to introduce a

computer-based system for our annual profit calculating. Lately, our

employees have been spending long hours trying to record outgoings and

income. Not only have they been wasting time (in which they could have

been doing other useful jobs) but they have also struggle with keeping

the accuracy of the any mathematical calculations they carry out.

Also, the accountancy tends to fall behind on keeping information up

to date. For example if we start buying a new type of drink, then our

accountants have to go through all the paper work and try to include

it where relevant. Then they need to manually calculate and change the

new outgoings total.

Me: I see the problem. Well the new spreadsheet system will allow this

whole process to be automated.

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