The Restaurant Industry

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The restaurant industry is a multibillion dollar industry that continues to grow each day and change the community that they are in forever. Opening a new restaurant will improve the economy dramatically because it will increase the amount of money that is spent in the community. There are many positive factors to opening a new restaurant in a community that boast economic, social, and political remuneration. A new restaurant will create jobs, it will support local food producers and it will help a community economically because the restaurant is giving money back through paying taxes. Socially it will create a new business market with business partners and create “Smart Growth” which focuses on changing the atmosphere of the community and where everything is located (, 3). Lastly, a restaurant must abide by certain government regulations because it will have to follow certain rules and regulations that will have to be approved by the health department. Opening a restaurant will have a positive and lasting impact on the community as long as restaurant owners abide by the legal requirements and adapt to the community.
A new restaurant will benefit a community from an economical perspective because it will allow the flow of money to go from the people to the restaurant and then through taxes. These taxes will be put back into the community which will then be used to make the society better which in turn will help the people. In addition, a restaurant creates jobs and supports smaller local food producers which allow them to stay in business and not get overtaken by big corporations. When a new restaurant is opened there will obviously be employees to work for the restaurant because one person cannot do it on their ow...

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...ety permit to be able to sell food, and a food service establishment permit to show that the building is up to code and is an officially authorized restaurant” (Beesley, 1). Without these permits the restaurant cannot and will not happen. Once a restaurant is opened employees must be trained or have proof of previous training in order for food safety to properly happen. If the employees are not practicing good food safety then all of the hard work and money that was just put into the restaurant will go to waste because the restaurant will be shut down if people are not carful with the food and cooking it properly. Food safety starts with the person themselves as they need to be clean with cut fingernails, washed hands and no lose hair, including a beard which must be shaven. These procedures help “prevent any food borne illness outbreaks that may occur” (Beesley, 2).