Abortion: Pro-Life or Pro-Choice and Nothing in Between

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There are two different types of people when it comes to abortion, pro-life and pro-choice. Pro-life people believe that every child deserves a chance no matter what the circumstances and that the governent has the right to refuse an abortion, while pro-choice people believe that an individual can make their own decision and do what they want (Head).
Nearly half of all pregnancies are unintended, and about 4 out of 10 of these are terminated. The percent of abortions in all pregnancies is 22 percent. Each year about 2 percent of women between 15 and 44 have an abortion, half of which has already had an abortion before. Women in their 20s make up more than half of abortions obtained. Teenagers between 15 and 19 make up only 18 percent of women obtaining abortions. 54 percent of women who had abortions had used some form of contraception (Guttmacher Institute).
Making abortion illegal in the United States does not eliminate the procedure. This is because it does nothing to reduce the main cause, unintended pregnancy. Making abortion illegal only has a greater impact on the circumstances of how the procedure is obtained than on its incidence. By 1900 abortion was considered to be a criminal offense. Doctors were not concerned about the saftey, and it lead to abortions being done by untrained midwives or other providers. In Guttmacher, Abortion in Women's Lives, they state "the criminalization of abortion did not eliminate the procedure, but instead put many women's lives in jeopardy by forcing them to seek clandestine precedures. Many were preformed in unsafe conditions." (Boonstra 13).
A decade before it became legal, abortion was only allowed if the womens life was endangered or in cases of rape. A physician could lose their ...

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...abortions causes stress. According to the American Psychologial Association, stress was found to be greatest before an abortion. Also, there is no evidence of post-abortion syndrome. Abortions are usually done withthin the first trimester, during this time a fetus can not physically exist outside of the womb, it is health dependent on the mother (Lowen).

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