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Abortion now a days has been increasing over the world. This is caused by economic and social factors. What is abortion? Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. This is the removal of a fetus before it’s viable. This process is done before the fetus is 25 weeks old. It can be spontaneous or abortion induced. Abortion is legal in developing countries, but in most developing countries do not permit abortion. Further more, abortion causes over 70,000 maternal deaths world wide. Abortion in the past was done with crude tools like sharpened and cause physical trauma. Now since there are new medical advances abortion is now done with medication or surgical procedures. Developing and undeveloped countries haven’t legalized abortion. Both mother and child birth complications has been one of the major causes of deaths over the world. Since the advances of the 21st century maternal death has decreased. This is causes by family planning and also contraceptives.
Abortion is caused by social, religious and economic factors. Society itself has actually encouraged government to legalize abortion. Now a days teens and even older people wouldn’t think twice when it comes to abortion. There has been several debates where the fetus isn’t alive until being born, debates like this causes peoples mind set to change. Rape is one of the most important reasons why woman abort. When a rape occur one doesn’t intend to be pregnant, and most woman don’t keep the baby since it can traumatize them for life. Also because, of these young girls abort they will be sure of

having a better education. As an example, in Africa a young girl being pregnant meant that they would have to marry right away. There are two methods of abortion. The first ...

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...is considered murered and not the other, the fetus should have a right when it comes to both situations. A crmininal shouldn’t get away with the murder of a bay, just like a selfish woman should not get away with terminating her pregnancy because, the baby never got the chance to defend itself. Fetal homocide laws are still very debatable because it shoes how the relevance of the fetus life is based nothing but on its circumstances. as stated in a “Public Opinion on Abortions” sidebar in 1995 from Facts on File News Services, in some cases, people believe abortions are okay and the mother’s choice, while in others they are wrong and immoral. Providing the opinions of when life begins is based on circumstances.
Pro-life and pro-choice supporters do not see the concerning affects an abortion has on the mother. The argument when it comes to both sides are clear.

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