Abner, By Abner And Lennie Snopes

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Like most couples claim to be, Abner and Lennie Snopes were madly in love and could not wait to get married. They were still in their teens and unestablished, but this did not stop them from starting a family as soon as possible. When they had their first child, it changed everything about their relationship; Lennie saw a different side to her husband she once knew. The choice she made to marry him, she knew she would regret for the rest of her life. Abner was not a good man, but he was observant enough to realize that something had changed within the way his wife looked at him. Something was going on and he was going to figure it out. As their second child Sarty was born, Abner was suspicious from the moment he saw him, he knew something was different about this child- he was pure, innocent, and good. This is not characteristics that the Snopes men possess. The more he thought about his wife 's possible infidelity the more his temper flourished. His usual crimes of the occasional scam or theft drastically escalated in to him becoming an arsonist. The constant reminder every time he looked at his son Sarty, his conspiracies grew as to who was his biological father. His conclusion brought him to his current landlord- it had to be him. With his findings it had been decided, his landlord 's property would be his first victim. Lennie knew her husband was dangerous, but she was afraid to do anything to stop it. She did all she could to protect her baby boy; even if it meant sticking by Abner 's side when she knew what he was doing was disgraceful. In more attempts to keep her husband happy, they had two more children- this time they were two gorgeous baby girls. As the family grew, so did Abner 's dangerous habit. Due to his ... ... middle of paper ... ...could not help but be proud of the man he had become and all that he had accomplished. He moved across the country to where he could finally get his fresh start. Sarty ironically was the proud owner of a barn company that has turned out to be very profitable. Every month his mother would get an anonymous check in the mail to pay for all her expenses. He never spoke to his siblings again, but he kept in touch with their life 's. His brother followed in his father 's footsteps and was incarcerated for scamming local business men out of their money. His two sisters have families of their own and he could not be happier that they are staying out of trouble. As for Sarty himself He has a beautiful wife with three precious girls. Most men would be devastated not to have a son to carry on his name, but he is okay with the Snopes legacy dying. He knows it is for the best.

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