A World Without Prison Essay

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Is it possible to have a world where prison does not exist? No prison means either the world have no criminal or every criminal would face the same penalty for every crime they committed. So it is impossible to have a world without prison because of many reasons such as: there is impossible to have a world without criminal; without prison, every criminal would get charge the same penalty for different crime they committed, which is either they are free to go, or get charge the maximum penalty; also no prison means no place to separate the criminal from society, which is harmful for people. Although it is impossible to have a world without prison, but it is possible to change the idea of prison not just a place that hold and punish the criminal,…show more content…
So what would happen if the world has no prison? If the world have no prison, it means the world have no lawbreaker. If the world has no lawbreaker, then there is no such thing call crime, it means everyone can just take other people belongings without asking or borrowing, and people can harm each other without facing any penalty. That is why it is impossible to have a world without criminal because everyone has different personality, different perspective about life, and different point of view about what is right and what is wrong. So, it is impossible to have a world without…show more content…
Media Daily also provides a research from Dr. Kouyoumdjian and her colleagues at Inner City Health of St. Michael’s hospital that “ In ninety five studies about inmates who received healthcare before and after their release, fifty nine cases improved health. Physician and psychiatrist treatment to inmate upon their release proved to lower the risk for substance abuse, mental health conditions, disease, etc.” That is why health care is very important for criminal rehabilitation because it affect the prisoner’s health, both physical and mental health. Not just helping with rehabilitation, psychology in prison also can help the inmate to cope with the prison life including prison safety, and those unwritten rules inside the prison. According to American Psychological Association, lengthy incarceration, being separate from family and friend, and sexual temptation are some of the mental problem that inmate have to deal with in the

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