Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty In The Criminal Justice System

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Death Penalty
Since the year, 1976 one thousand- three hundred and ninety-two individuals have been sentenced to capital-punishment. The term capital punishment has been coined to kindly identify the death penalty or execution. The death penalty has remained a major controversy for quite some time. Today, one of the most debated issues within the criminal justice system is the issue of whether or not the death penalty should be seen as being an ethical procedure. Prior to the year 1972, it had been seen as being legal. In 1972, the Supreme Court evaluated the terms of the death penalty and ruled it as being unconstitutional (History of the Death Penalty). The right or execution violated citizens eighth and fourteenth amendment rights. Nevertheless, the Supreme Court contradicted themselves in 1976 and reinstated the death penalty. Today, it is up to the states discretion rather or not they are going to permit capital-punishment. Through this essay the reader will read the pros and cons of the death penalty and the writers standpoint in regards to the capital
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Clinicians are instructed to do no harm and to provide some type of benefit towards people. Providing rehabilitation instead of punishment would benefit not only the wards but, members of the community as well. We could do this by demolishing the vast majority of our prison systems and replacing them with secure housing where they are “re-structured” as individuals. Restructuring them as individuals allows many opportunities for them such as, earning high school and college degrees, job opportunities, as well as, teaching them how to treat others and what is morally right and wrong. Rehabilitating them with the necessities of life on the inside can deter crime rates on the outside because, they will have survival skills. Prisoners should be taught with the same respect in which, we would want them to treat others with on the
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