A Well Regulated Militia

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423 words

A Well Regulated Militia

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the RIGHT of the people to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

I believe that we should keep the second amendment, but I believe that we should only permit certain guns to be made. Rifles, shotguns, and some pistols are practical, but other guns that are made available to civilians are just asking to be used to kill someone. They can’t be used to kill animals because it would ruin all the meat. What else are these guns to be used for then? It is a right for all American’s to bear arms, and has been since our constitution was written. Why then would you take away a basic civil liberty? That would infringe on our rights. I think that possibly stricter rules should be made and enforced to the full extent. Not everyone that gets a gun is going to use it to harm someone. Actually, most people don’t. I would speculate that most people that are going to kill someone get that weapon through illegal means. So why would abolishing the second amendment do anything to solve that problem? If they’re getting them illegally now they will still be able to get them illegally then. So actually the only person that you are affecting, well actually two, is the consumer and the producer. It will affect the economy by putting major gun manufacturers out of business, which in turn will cause thousands of people to lose their jobs.

Hunting is a tradition in America. Our ancestors hunted to survive. Today we don’t necessarily do it to survive but we do eat the meat and enjoy the hunt. It gives us time to bond with our friends and or family. Also, if the hunting industry was stopped a lot of people would lose a way to make a living. My mom’s best friend and her father own a 20,000 acre game ranch in Rock Springs, Texas. People go out there for every different hunting season. They come from all over the world and pay money for every animal they take off the property. White tail bucks cost the seasonal hunter $1,500; does are $1000. Exotic animals range in price and may be hunted year round.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that a well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of the free state, but it should only permit certain guns to be made.
  • Opines that if the hunting industry was stopped, people would lose their way to make a living. their mom's best friend and her father own 20,000 acre game ranch in rock springs, texas.
  • Explains that 77 million americans 16 years old and older participated in fishing, hunting, and wildlife observation, feeding and photography. they spent over $100 billion on their activities.
  • Explains that the population of game animals would reach great numbers if our right to bear arms was infringed on. this would cause a shortage in food that would ultimately lead to animals starving to death.
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