A Visit to Rural Areas in the UK

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Tourism in Rural Areas Task Two

P3- Describe the motivation for three different types of visitor, to each visit two specific rural areas.

M1- Explain the different types of activities that motivate three different types of visitor to one rural area within the UK.

Part One- Visitor motivation


Families are motivated to visit rural areas for the following reasons:




Relaxation- Some families will find the thought of having the chance to relax appealing, after a long school and working term; talking the kids with them but the parents still get to relax as there is plenty for the children to do.

Adventure- A family like likely want to seek adventure at some point on their holiday, and they will more than likely be motivate to take a rural excursion to the countryside in order to seek this adventure. The countryside of the UK will motivate families who are looking for adventure as there are many outdoors activities possible and available such as orienteering and adventure walks.

Novelty- The novelty of a family holiday to the countryside is almost always there anyway, some families may prefer to take this type of holiday in the countryside as it would be much cheaper than taking a novelty holiday abroad.


The educational visitor will be motivated to visit the rural area for the following reasons:




Study- This will be the main reason for an educational trip, the trip will be motivated to head for the country for specific research such as geography river or landscape studies, or also to carry out activities for awards such as Duke of Edinburgh.

Sport-Educational trips would be motivated to visit rural areas for sporting events due to the fact that many sports are held in countryside destinations. There are also certain hiking activities which can be carried out in the countryside for physical education.

Special Interest-

The special interest tourist category would be motivated to visit the countryside for the following reasons:




Culture- This is an important special interest activity and the tourist will be attracted to the countryside to find out more about the local culture, but also the special interest of heritage is closely linked with culture and the Stone Henge monument throughout the countryside would be motivating for the special interest tourists.

Retreat- Special interest tourists such as those who are concerned in their personal health or who just want a relaxing break may visit a retreat in the countryside in order to help recover from the bustling city life.
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