A Time in History

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A Time in History

I’ve been asked before: “What time period in history would you most like to visit and experience the most?” And I would have to stop and wonder where exactly I would want to go. I use to have much trouble in answering this question. There are countless events and points of time in history that I would absolutely love to get to see with my own eyes and experience with my own body and mind. However, I now find it rather easier to respond without having to stop and think for so long. Somewhere along thereabouts of the 13th century would definitely be one of my choices now. There are many things I would like to see for myself. For one, the works of art produced during that time period would be first on my to-do list. Second, would be to witness the eminency of the architectural wonders built during that age. Last, but not the very least, I would have liked to experience and read, first-hand, the literary works of such authors as Dante, Christine de Pisan, and Boccaccio.

Starting in the 13th century, art was beginning to accelerate to a much higher level of in terms of quality and craft. Artists during medieval times were not so much interested in the human body. They tended not to worry on being naturalistic. Their work depended simply on quality. When the Renaissance came about, artists now became more characteristically inclined with realism. Before the Renaissance, style had aimed for a rich, glowing surface, with elaborate linear designs. Soon after, figures were then being portrayed and painted with a sense of depth, their volume represented by a careful use of light and dark, so that they took on the same strength and presence as works of sculpture (Cunningham 242). Instead of just being c...

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...new ways of art form and sets the social pace of a society. Music is the language of the world. It is everywhere. I honestly don’t know what I would do without some of my music. I don’t think I would be able to go a day without listening to a good song.

To close, to experience 13th century art, literature, and architecture would be flabbergasting as well as profound to experience. That ever-burdening question does no longer have to be a burden for me. I can proudly say what point in time I would like to visit—and all because of this class. Yes, I would indeed tremendously miss today’s music, but I think having to keep up with paintings, mass structures being built, and beautiful literature pieces being produced, would alone keep me interested.


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