A Special Needs Aide At An Elementary School

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The person interviewed for this assignment works as a special needs aide at an elementary school in Sedro Woolley, Washington. Jame Witzel is a close family friend who in my opinion is one of the best special needs teacher I have had the privilege of meeting. Jame has been working for the elementary school for almost ten years, eight of which have been spent assisting the special needs teachers and students. However, this upcoming week she will be changing jobs to work in a Resource Room with K-6th grade students. She explained that this job has come due to the fact that the new teacher lacks classroom management and it is a danger to myself and others to stay. Over the course of our interview we talked both over the phone and through email. Jame’s responsibilities come in a wide variety. Her primary responsibility is to work as an assistant to the two special needs teachers in the elementary school. She is responsible for helping make the lesson plans and teaching the lesson plans when extra help is needed from the teachers. Jame also assists with classroom management, making sure students follow rules and paperwork is in order. When asked what her biggest responsibilities in the classroom is Jame explained that she is in charge of grading the majority of tests, as well as administrating the test to the students, correcting papers, as well as adjusting the curriculum to make sure holes are filled in the students’ knowledge. While she does not take on the lead as the head teacher, she holds many of the same responsibilities as a teacher. Her role with the students is to help them make the best choice possible in regard to their education. In the classroom she acts as both a teacher and a counselor as she guides and retract less... ... middle of paper ... ...ion means to her, Jame took a slight pause, obviously trying to come up with a concrete answer. Jame explained that while a school should not always aim to tak certain kids out of the general population, she has seen putting students into these special programs work wonders for students. Jame says “I personally feel that kids get more help and academic support being removed from class, if a student is 1-2 grade levels behind, they need to be doing school work at their level or slightly above”. However, her next point is where Jame and I began to disagree. Jame believes that General education teachers do not have the time with all the tests and evaluation systems to meet many of the IEP student 's needs. Where as I feel personally as a teacher it is our job to be as inclusive as possible and only send students to these special programs when only absolutely necessary.
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