Why Teachers Are Responsible For Student Academic Achievement

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Andy Stein Ms. McDaniel CP ENG 4 10 October 2015 Teachers 99% of teachers surveyed say that “effective and engaged” Teachers are absolutely essential to or very important to ensure student academic achievement”(Mathis). Teachers are a big part of everyone’s life, regardless of whether or not we see it or not. Each individual is different because of their personality which effects style of teaching. One may be more strict on test while others teachers could be strict on assignments, However, ultimately, what matters is how they impact a student 's life with their style of teaching, performance and dedication. Teachers are an excellent source of role models for students. They guide and support students value of education so they can carry their knowledge to the next generation. Teachers are responsible for student’s performances. Teachers, without any doubt, are slowly shaping the best education they can contribute towards today and the future. Schools today are still developing a sense of education and projecting its own individual goals. In the 1800s Superiors limited the academic requirement for becoming a teacher because women were look down on. This action led to limiting education as a whole. PBS stated that “curriculum was not very demanding-- reading, writing, basic arithmetic, little geography and history” As history makes progression, so did the progression of teachers and the value of education. Why do teachers still teach in spite of poor payment and rigorous work? PBS believes that “ Teachers remain inspired and challenged by their students, which is what makes staying in the classroom worthwhile” (PBS). According to teach.com, “Almost anyone can become a teacher, but it takes a special person to be a great teacher... ... middle of paper ... ...that they cannot support themselves in the future. According to American Promise, High School Diploma matters and it is important to at least get one in his/her lifetime . High school graduates are more likely to be employed and to aid in job generations. U.S. Department of Labor stated that High School graduates are less likely to engage in criminal behavior or social services. Teachers are a part of everyone’s life and students ' performance are affected by their performance as well. Teachers are everyday heroes when they choose to be one. As years go by, drop out rates will be expected to drop even further. A teacher should stop for a minute and ask this question, why did I want to be a teacher in the first place? As William Arthur Ward quote, “ The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”
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