A Sociology Breaching Experiment

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When someone goes against something that everyone around expects he or she to act, it’s called norms violations. In other words, that person is doing something which is unacceptable to society or culture. In this sociology breaching experiment, I chose to violate a social norm in public areas – cutting a line without asking, so to observe what people acted and how they responded. I decided to go to Safeway and tried being a line cutter without asking anybody. If they asked me why I did it, I simply replied to them that I did not feel like either wanting to wait or getting in a line. By acknowledging that norms are quite essential in our society, I was aware that our society will have no foundation to stand if there is no norm. Cutting a line while others are queuing is a part of our social routine; even though I was kind of embarrassed, I got a chance to learn different kinds of…show more content…
I could not hold it anymore because I never cut a line before; it’s rude and not acceptable. At that time, the middle aged woman standing fourth in line suggested walking into me and acting like they did not see me [she spoke slowly with her low voice]; I was so scared that I believed it would be it for this experiment, but still I wanted to see more anger brought into the situation. This reminds me of what Denzin examined in his article of “Symbolic Interactionism and Ethnomethodology” that the rules which “any bonafide member of a social order is aware of,” and assumptions such as “persons in any situation will talk about many things that are only tacitly recognized, if at all,” or “normal background conditions in any situation are taken for granted and typically go unchallenged during an encounter” (127). The first person in line then started having his basket rung; I walked into the second man [Mr. A] proposing a same reason that I told the Asian guy: “I cannot wait; let me cut a