A Review of “The Myth of ‘Torture Lite’” by Jessica Wolfendale

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In the article “The Myth of ‘Torture Lite’” by Jessica Wolfendale, assistant professor of Philosophy at West Virginia University, the author mainly discusses the misconceptions that exist about so-called “torture lite” and how the public has been led to believe that it is not and cannot be as severe to victims as normal torture can. Jessica Wolfendale breaks down this belief and shows how torture lite can be just as mentally and even physically violent as the more familiar form of torture. Wolfendale goes through the article first explaining what torture lite is, followed by describing the impact it can have on the victim, then comparing it with the more well-known form of torture, and lastly showing how torture lite can even make the victim feel that they are responsible for what is happening to them. The article starts off with Wolfendale discussing and explaining the main differences between torture and torture lite. She says that torture lite, unlike the more violent form of torture, leaves the victim with without any signs of physical harm. There is normally no actual contact between the torturer and the victim while the torture is undergoing and it can take time for the victim to feel any serious form of pain or discomfort from the torture. Some of the different techniques that exist for torture lite include manipulating temperature, noise bombardment, and solitary confinement (Wolfendale, 2009). Torture lite also more easily allows the torturers to cope with what it is they are doing, since this form of torture is so much less brutally violent towards the victim, and also feel that they are doing what is needed for their country. According to Wolfendale, the term “torture lite” has been brought up in many news repor... ... middle of paper ... ...l in exposing torture lite as being potentially as dangerous to prisoners as any other form of torture, both physically and mentally. Though her article is not without any flaws, such as giving alternatives to using such types of torture to extract information needed by the state, it is still written very well overall. This article can be very valuable to anyone hoping to learn more about torture lite and is almost certainly one of the best articles written on the subject to date. Works Cited Sussman, D.. (2009). "Torture Lite": A Response. Ethics & International Affairs, 23(1), 63-67. Retrieved July 18, 2010, from Social Science Module. (Document ID: 1688856531). Wolfendale, J.. (2009). The Myth of "Torture Lite". Ethics & International Affairs, 23(1), 47-61. Retrieved July 18, 2010, from Social Science Module. (Document ID: 1688856521).

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