A Report On The Assembly Line Workers

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After the design created by the principal engineer was approved by the customer, it underwent a variety of tests to fix any bugs that still remained within the design. After these issues were solved, they were able to send the design into final production where the product would be assembled and shipped to the customer. They anticipated that the materials will come in mint condition from the suppliers in order for the workers on the assembly line to easily connect the components of the headliner. The assembly line workers are positioned throughout the factory in a way that allows for maximum efficiency while in production. To IAC, maximum efficiency means building each headliner with quality as a main priority but also to build it in the least amount of time.

To reach their time and quality goals during production, IAC relies on the hope that each worker is fulfilling their duty in order to maintain the smooth flow of material throughout the factory. Unfortunately, some of the workers were not able to be present on the line everyday, and if they weren’t present the factory managers would recruit untrained workers to simply maintain production. This caused unanticipated issues, because although production was still being carried out, it wasn’t being carried out with the highest quality. New and inexperienced workers were loosely assembling the parts of the headliner which was causing major issues when it came time to place the headliner inside the vehicle. The new workers that served as substitutes on the production line were not concerned with quality as much as they were concerned for meeting their daily production goal so they could get paid and go home. This lack of worker dedication to quality slowed down production because ...

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...r future projects want to work to continuously improve the appearance of headliners within a variety of vehicles and still maintain the highest safety rating. Headliners provide the basic structure of different vehicles, therefore depending on the shape of the vehicle it will require a different headliner. A new headliner design will then call for different placement of the airbags and they will have to come up with a new strategy for placing slits within the headliners while maintaining a clean luxurious look within the vehicle. As of now they cannot release what company they will be partnering for their next project regarding the design of a headliner. Their goal for the future remains the same in that they want an appealing appearance with a high safety rating, but their means of achieving this goal will change depending on the vehicle they are proposed to work on.
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