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I visited Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University twice, first time was after I graduated from my high school, my best friend Jake gave me the tour around campus, at that time, he was admitted as a fall freshman that year. I was amazed when I saw this quite town and elegant Randolph hall with department of mechanical engineering in. The Burruss hall filled with art nouveau. I felt peaceful right after I step on campus, and realized that this place was where I want to be. Virginia tech possesses esteemed reputation as one of the top Engineering College among thousands of schools in America. I made a decision that I wanted to be admitted to this university to start my engineering career.
My uncle, Kaihong, an ordinary worker in a small factory. He is the one made me choose mechanical engineering as my future career. When I was about 7th grade, I've been told that my uncle almost lost his fingers while he was doing a technical tensile alloy building project. He told me that machines manufactured by China are fairly unsafe due to spend cutting intention, despite of raising of accident ratio, he was getting used to expose to this dangerous working condition. I was shocked when I heard that from my uncle. It’s absurd to me that some Chinese mechanics are facing this situation and receiving low salary. Aren't they deserved high respecting and high wage? The “accident” is one of the most important reasons I want to be an engineer in the future to supply safety machine to Chinese workers. In order of that, China will be able to develop humanity foaming, along with its economy.
I've been motivated for a long time, after half an year of preparation, I took my first Toefl test. Unfortunately, test score dis...

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...nt of mechanical engineering and engineering in Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University is one of the best national engineering schools, which has diverse circumstance, typically it has more majors and certifications. Meanwhile, located in Blacksburg, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University will provide me a quiet study circumstance and more opportunities to make more profound influence in my career life, it will be my perfect place to pursue goals and make them real.
Through my grade book, I enjoyed my freshman year and got a better grade in my second semester. I am aware it’s not perfect, but I worked hard to adjust myself into new collage, in the new country. Overcoming the language obstacle, culture shock made me have the ability to orientate myself in a new environment. I am so happy I have a chance to be part of Virginia Tech.
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