A Reflection On My Experience In The English Class

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During this English class, I have picked up many positive skills while being a student in this class and I have learned to use these skills and put them to great use in my papers. While in this class, I believe what helped me was having a professor who was there for the students and would read my paper and read through it thoroughly. This helped me because I felt comfortable reaching out to her because I knew that she would truly help me to make my paper better by explaining to me what I did wrong and how I could fix my mistakes. Being comfortable with my teacher made me feel comfortable about her comments on my paper and I liked how she would explain the comments if a student did not understand it because it showed that it was something that…show more content…
My instructor helped me to improve my papers because she was always there when I needed her and she would always answer my questions with an explanation. I liked how my teacher would explain why we should put something in our paper or why we should not put it in our paper. The critique that I received the most from my instructor was that I had a large quantity of repetitiveness and that sometimes some things did not correlate to my main point and they did not need to be in the paper. I would be told that I have many of the same phrases or words used throughout my paper and that I could use different phrases or words for. Also, for the sentences that were extremely repetitive she told me I could eliminate them because I already accomplished my point the first time. The steps that I took to improve those issues was that I would summarize my paragraphs and make sure that they aligned with my thesis and that they connected to everything that I was trying to say. Another concept that my instructor helped me to do is to associate all my thoughts to one another and make sure that they should be in the paper. My instructor’s feedback helped me extremely on all of my essays and I feel that with my instructor’s feedback it made my essays improve significantly and develop my thoughts more deeply and to ensure that it would be an easy essay that flows
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