A Reflection Of Diversity

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To wake up determined to improve the world. Do not settle for good when great can be obtained through hard-work and sacrifice. Once greatness is achieved, lend a helping hand so that others may get there as well. Greet everyone with a smile and love. Go to bed with no regrets and ready to do it all over again.
I will strive to be a great father and husband.
I will work hard to ensure an ethical and hard-working practice.
I will attend every child’s baseball game or dance recital.
I will listen to criticism.
I will volunteer my time to help those who are less fortunate.
I will be generous with my money and love.
I will be a role model for those who need one.
I will get knocked down but get up stronger.
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Diversity is extremely important. After all, America was first settled by pilgrims who wanted religious diversity. America is nicknamed “The Melting Pot” because our entire country is composed of millions of people with hundreds to thousands of cultural differences. While some cultures might be more dominant, America is an extremely diverse place to live and work. Since America is so diverse, our companies should be a reflection of this. “We need companies whose environments, culture and mix resemble the diversity of our country. In the boardroom and in the mainstream workforce, companies need to look more like the diverse people that live and work in the communities where they do business” (Finn, 2014). Different cultures and types of people are raised in different ways. This causes people to have vastly different opinions on the same topic. It is this difference in opinion that can be discussed to better the workplace. During a board meeting with diverse individuals, points from each side can be incorporated to come up with a better solution than if everybody was the same. This is why it is important to have diversity at the top of the company. Diversity at the bottom of the company is just as important. People want to buy from places that are similar to them. This is why having a diverse workforce at the ground level will lead to a more diverse customer base. A more diverse…show more content…
The strength with this solution is that Jenny can continue to make money so that she can pay off her college loans. If she were to quit, her loans would continue to rack up interest and grow until she found another job. There is no telling if she could find a job soon if she left so staying lets her pay the bills. Continuing to work also lets Jenny get better at her job. The longer she is there and the better she gets, the more likely Jenny may advance through the ranks. In staying long enough, Jenny can be the department head and remove the corruption herself. A weakness with this solution is that Jenny is compromising her ethics. She is uncomfortable working at a place that promotes so much corruption. Jenny will continue to be uncomfortable as long as the corruption continues and this could lead to her hating her job. If the corruption would get because of another source, Jenny could be a casualty of the county cleaning house. This would make all her suffering pointless. An opportunity arises for the county government with Jenny keeping quite. This solution ensures that everyone can continue with their jobs. There is no scandal and nobody gets fired due to the widespread corruption. The threat in Jenny keeping quite is that the corruption continues. It might only hiring friends for jobs and using company cars today. If the corruption continues, it could escalate. Department heads could
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