A Personal Reflection Of My Personal Code Of Ethics

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The code of ethics is a significant component in the modern business environment and all the professions at large. A code of ethics is intended to bring sobriety and instill integrity in professions. While codes of ethics exist at professional level, the values that truly shape the character of an individual emerge from an individual’s core-values, morals and beliefs. In this regards, it can be argued that personal ethics to a great extent shape both the personal and professional life of an individual (Paliwal, 2006). This paper discusses my personal code of ethics and also takes an analytical look at the code of ethics of my profession.
Personal Code of Ethics
Core values
Family- I believe that family is of great importance in my life. More specifically, it is through family that I get the strength to pursue both my individual and professional ambitions. For me, life is not complete without family.
Maintaining a healthy balance between life and work- While my career is of great significance to me in the achievement of goals and ambitions in life, I am of the belief that a healthy and reasonable work/life balance should be maintained so that I have spare time for my family, friends and also a time to relax and meditate.
Trust and honesty- Trust and honesty are important values in life. I believe that trust cannot be attained without honesty and thus those people who want my trust have to earn it through honesty.
Dependability- I would want to be a dependable and reliable person to my family, friends and my colleagues in the profession.
Career- My career is very important to me. I believe that I should stay optimistic, self-motivated and strong in order to ...

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..., allowing executives to communicate via social media could have dire ethical consequences to the company. However, this high risk could be mitigated by imposing restrictions on what executives can post on social media on behalf of the company.

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