A Personal Analysis Of My Personal Characteristics Of Personality

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To each their own…..right? Is this really the case when it comes to personality? We all have our own unique personalities that make us who we are and influence our daily lives, which might cause us to pose the question, “How much control do we have over these traits?” Furthermore, one might ask, “Is there a way we can control these characteristics or are they given to us from birth?” In order to recognize my own distinct personality traits which have contributed to the person I am today, let us take a look at my “psycho-auotbiography.” First, I will discuss a primary analysis of my personality, as it will provide a deeper understanding of the nature versus nurture model and help determine which one has had more of an effect on my personality. Personalities are not strictly determined by a particular sequence of a gene. Even multiple genes working together cannot produce a solidified and predictable personality. However, this factor when coupled with multiple other components can influence an individual’s personality. One of these components is the environment. The environmental component includes the area in which a person grew up on, or the people they have been surround with during their lifetime (“Introduction to Psychology”). The remainder of these components are most adequately laid out in the Nature vs. Nurture model. Nativists, supporters of the nature position, believe that, “The characteristics of the human species as a whole are a product of evolution and that individual differences are due to each person’s unique genetic code” (McLeod). Environmentalists, supporters of the nurture position, state that, “at birth the human mind is a tabula rasa (a blank slate) and that this is gradually “filled” as a result of experie... ... middle of paper ... ...tion of nature and nurture can potentially dictate an individual’s personality, I fully believe that my personality is driven past experiences and the environment I grew up in, which resulted from these past circumstances. Both the primary and secondary analysis of my personality has helped to reveal that for me personally, nurture is the primary influencer of my personality. My tendency to be introverted, shy, and kind contributes to how I approach others in job and social situations, as my trait of agreeableness causes me to reject situations in which I feel that others might be taken advantage of. Also, after growing up witnessing the way that my family comforted and treated me during times of loss, I find value in those same characteristics and wish to extend the same love and support to others in an attempt to show love to others who might be experiencing loss.
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