A Near Future: Reversing The Aging Process

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The world is constantly advancing with each and every passing day. What many people do not realize is that cloning occurs all around them in nature every day. A clone only means that it is an exact genetic copy of the original DNA organism. However, with new and modern day technology, scientists such as Dr. Richard Seed have been able to take cloning further than what was thought possible. Dr. Richard Seed used studies and experiments in the ambition to reverse the aging process (Simon 1). Even though cloning is a controversial topic, it can benefit many with little to no harm to others. Although cloning has been around for many years it is still relatively new and unknown to science. With scientists and modern technology to help its progression, cloning is promised to be a very big part of the future that will benefit humanity.

With ongoing studies and experiments, cloning is beginning to be thought of as the next large medical advancement. Scientists believe that cloning is the future cure for all the world’s ailments. The average person carries eight defective genes which contribute to health problems. Cloning will be able to prevent and cure many of the major diseases that are a leading cause in death each year. However, many people have negative attitudes towards cloning because they believe that scientists will clone full humans and harvest the necessary bodily organs and tissues when needed. But, what most people are unaware of is that scientists are able to clone specific organs, tissues, nerves, bones and cells.

Besides the fact that there are always risks when being operated on, cloning could make the post procedure much easier. For example, many patients who undergo surgery and receive a heart transplant result in ...

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...rplexed philosophers in all ages, to track to their sources the causes of disease, to correlate the vast stores of knowledge that they may be quickly available for the prevention and cure of disease- These are our ambitions. (The President’s council on Bioethics 1)

Cloning has come very far through science within the last few decades. Although it is a natural part of the world, scientists have taken a simple idea and expanded it further then what was thought possible. Though cloning faces many challenges, scientists such as Dr. Richard Seed continue their research in perfecting cloning in order to benefit the world. Cloning, a controversial topic thought to do harm, but simply misunderstood. The fact is, cloning could improve life more than what can be comprehended or as Dr. Richard Seed said, cloning will be taking “humanity one step closer to God.”
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