A Little Piece of Heaven

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A Little Piece of Heaven

Teacher's Comment: This essay, which received an "A," is strong because the vivid and careful descriptions enliven a commonplace topic: a simple walk in the woods. The writer creates an effective persona though a flashback to "a corner of captured memories." The writer recreates the child's persona, questioning and then understanding the motives of the counselor who is leading the group.

Whenever I am troubled or confused, I always plunder through my mind to a corner of captured memories in my childhood. Here in this corner, tucked safely away from all of the mundane facts and figures, is a place I once visited as a small child. This spot has never failed to create a wealth of wonder and serenity for me. Join me now as I take a journey back through time.

The day was an unbelievably hot one for the usual cool summers that North Carolina is so popular for. The dusty, faded-blue van in which my journey began was tightly packed with many eager and sweaty children, all of whom were anxious with anticipation of our day's fieldtrip. We were on our way to a particular stream that is well known in the small town o f Chesswood, which is located deep in the heart of the Carolina mountains. Upon finally reaching our destination, we unglued ourselves from the hot, vinyl seats and tumbled out of the van.

I had become extremely hot and my skin was sticky from the sweat and dirt of afternoon play. The camp counselor called for all fourteen of us to line up in single-file and follow her lead. I did not understand why we had to do this, but as we travele d down the path that led to the stream, I began to understand her reasoning. The descending path was very steep and narrow. The sand and un...

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... in the air. Among this kaleidoscope of brilliant hues appeared tangy-oranges, fiery-reds, crystal-clear blues, and fresh-greens.

As the day came close to an end, the setting sun also displayed a work of art through this tree. The light, that bravely beamed through the V, created a heavenly aura. I felt as if angels were gracefully dancing on the colored droplets of water. The colors had changed somewhat and consisted mostly of a transparent-white mixed with brilliant oranges and yellows. Soon afterward, my little piece of Heaven was broken up by the shouts of our counselor telling us it was time to return to camp.

I know I had to physically leave that stream back then, but it has never left my memory. Even though you did not visit that place, it is now in your memory also. I hope you have enjoyed experiencing this little piece of Heaven with me.

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