A Humane Sociaty By Shirley Jackson

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“A HUMANE SOCIATY” What separates the human race from all creation? Many will say that the ability to reason and capacity to know what is wright and wrong makes humanity different from everything else. But, for a while now, humanity has chosen to disregard these qualities and become blind to the horrifying product of this decision. Social media has made it very clear that our words affect others and is important to be mindful of them. The news show that even in the 21st century humans can be very cruel in 1st world or 3rd world countries. Brutal stories all around the world are shared about young man shutting others because of their physical or spiritual differences. The short story, written by Shirley Jackson, is a cry for humanity to stay alert of their actions and believes by showing the horrifying results of conformity, hypocrisy, and brutality in the human life. Being conformed can be described as a way of life unlikely to change and this description fits perfectly to the village where the story “The Lottery” takes place. This community has lived the same way with out evaluating their life style for too long. The comfort of living a certain way has made the towns’ people oblivious to the craziness of their believes. Several indications prove that the town has a very confirmed life style, one of them being the character of Old Man Warner who was the only one who understood the true meaning of the lottery. He argufies that “There 's always been a lottery” and it would be foolish and a form of retrograding to not have a one. According to him the lottery was a type of sacrifices for good crops, he reviles this when he says: ‘Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon.’ Although this character expresses that not having this ritual mi... ... middle of paper ... ...ds will grow up oblivious to the inhumane act the ritual represents. The biggest brutality act in this story, other than the stoning, is the sinister part where youngest of Tessie’s son is given some pebbles to kill his own mother. The savage violence in this story can only be a product of the brutality that is engender at an early age. Altogether, this story is an eye opening experience that teaches the reader to be mindful of their actions and believes. Conformity can be the beginning stage of a dangerous path and is important to evaluate everything we believe in. Hypocrisy can cause blindness to real issues in life that affect others and one should stay alert that the way one lives is true. Finally, this story encourages the readers to be alert for cruel acts of brutality in ones surroundings or revise ones life to see if any taken action is hurting others.

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