A History of The Beatles

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When most people hear the word the Beatles, they automatically think of the bug, but what about the best boy band the Beatles? The Beatles is composed of four men: Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Star, and George Harrison. It is said that they were best boy band of the sixties, but their influence goes beyond the sixties and still continues in today’s society. The four men weren’t just a band; they became a family. They started working together as teens, and worked together until a band member died or was replaced. Fans of the Beatles weren’t just teenage girls. They were people of all ages and gender. Without a doubt, the Beatles were the best boy band ever.

How did the Beatles begin? The Beatles came to be, when John Lennon and Paul McCartney met in July of 1957. John’s band, the Quarry Men, was playing at a garden fete at St .Peter’s Church. Paul was passing by, with his guitar, and heard them playing. He started playing along with them. John said,” I half thought to myself, He’s as good as me. He also looked like Elvis. I dug him.”(John Lennon). From then on Paul, fifteen, and John, sixteen, began playing together. Paul then became a member of the Quarry Men. The other members of the Quarry Men were all Americans, but that had to change. John wanted an all British boy band (The Beatle Anthology).

Meanwhile, George Harrison, at this time fourteen, was playing guitar at Liverpool Institute. It is said he was the best guitar player there. Paul and George met on the bus, and Paul asked George to check out one of their gigs. Then, Paul set up a meeting between John and George. George impr...

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..., the Beatles accomplished things no other band had ever done before. Even though they were a band only in the 60’s and 70’s the music is still played throughout society today. The Beatles influenced many other bands and people. Many will agree that the Beatles changed music forever, and mostly became family. It is without a doubt the Beatles were and still are the best band ever.

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