A Green Environment

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1. Recycle and Organic Clothing symbolize the Green Marketing 1. Recycled and Organic clothing can help to boost us the economic growth while introduce a healthy lifestyle towards society.

2. Clothing also can be produce by using organic element especially for the consumers that seeking eco-friendly products.

3. Recycle activity also can be use to be a business example the marketers can recycle and reuse the bottle plastic to be vase, window frames and seed trays. 1. How organization manages to gain competitive advantages through implementing recycled and green marketing.

2. What is others product that can be made from organic element except clothing. Does product successful to be market to people?

3. How recycled activity can create awareness among consumer to buy and use recycled product. 1.


This page show us that the others product also can be success by using or can be made from organic element.

2. The company use green color as background in their advertisement/ photo. 1. The use of green color as a background of the photo symbolizes the green marketing and healthy life.

2.Green color is symbol for the green marketing because green is the nature and mother earth colour so the meaning of green marketing can reach to the community.

3. The marketers use green color in the advertising because green is color of growth vitality associated with the new life and renewal. 1. Why the company should use the green color as their symbolization?

2. How to entertain and promote green marketing to some community that dislike green color and how organization arrange strategies to enforce people to support green marketing.

3. How marketers make sure customer know well and aware about green marketing product and services. Is it green marketing positively gives impact to their life? 1.www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.


This page is to share awareness how important green marketing as part of people life and what challenges that should know by the marketers.

3. Green Paper Bag is use to replace the plastic bag. 1. Organic products is a more environment friendly and it can contribute to energy conservation

2. Paper bag is one of product that easier can be reuse and easy to recycle than the plastic bag.

3. Nowadays, many company alert about use paper bag, example fast food industry such as, McDonald replace consumption of plastic bag to paper bag. 1. Whether the paper bags to cover the cost of consumer spending if not using plastic bags?

2. What is the company policy toward customer if customers bring their own paper/plastic bag?
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