A Game Of Thrones

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This research paper, is about a book called A Game of Thrones. Written by, George R.R. Martin, who started the series 18 years ago. There is also a TV show on HBO that is going into its 4th season this spring. This book has a medieval setting on continent called Westeros. Westeros is divided into seven kingdom’s, with their own lords, houses and words, or mottoes. There is one King , that rules over all the kingdoms. The book follows a few main characters that are, Lord Eddard Stark, lord or Warden of the North, Catelyn Stark, Ned’s wife originally from house Tully, Sansa Stark, the oldest daughter of Ned and Catelyn, Arya Stark, youngest daughter, Bran Stark second oldest son, Jon Snow, Ned’s bastard son, Tyrion Lannister, a dwarf from house Lannister who uses his words rather than a sword to win his battles and Daenerys Targaryen, who is sold to a leader of horse men (Dothraki) by her brother, so he can get an army to take back the seven kingdoms from Robert Baratheon, who led a rebellion against his Daenery’s father. through their journeys through Westeros, along with some of the events that happened in the years past to get them to the point of where the book started . All of the kingdoms lords want something , they might not come forward and say it straight up, but they still strive to achieve it. This “thing” is power. To rule a kingdom, you have to be a man while women are used as assets for other men and houses to gain power, which will be explained later. Women are classified under many different hierarchies and those decide where a woman stands in the society. But in A Game Of Thrones ruling a kingdom or a house is all dominated by men and women are assets for the men to gain power. Along with my thesis that is th...

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...before oldest over ounger sibling even though Dany becomes stronger than Viserys. When this s shown with the Dothraki culture it shows the same hierarchies do not show in certain cultures. When Khal dies, she loses everything that connects her to the men and her days of being superior over these men are done.

The intersectional theory looks at the hierarchy’s in the women of this book showed that men were superior to women and it is possible for women to gain power through these men. While there are other important factors in these examples one of the majors is the ability to conceive children based on what the man says because that is one of the ways to gain power in this political game of thrones and battles and swords. So through marriage is how women gain power in the political structure and if they don’t they will continue to just be assets to the men.
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