A Female Boss And My Sassy Boss Analysis

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1. The films A Female Boss and My Sassy Girl both convey the masculinity of the post-modern Korean women. Haejoang Cho delineates three ideas to describe the changing of women’s role as Korea modernized. One idea that is depicted in A Female Boss is the “mother’s generation”. As Korea was experiencing rapid urbanization and industrialization, women were affected by getting higher education and working in white-collar or blue-collar jobs. This is clearly shown in the film when Joanna is the director of the magazine Modern Women (A Female Boss). When Joanna hires Yong-ho, we can perceive that women had a stronger role than men during the modern era. Moreover, Cho explains that women in a mother’s generation were exposed to Western culture and became modernized women (172). In the film, Joanna dresses as Western women and speaks English when addressing other people; for instance, Joanna calls Yong-ho as “Mr. Kim” (A Female Boss). Many Korean women in this period believed that they could become modern women by dressing, speaking, and acting as Western women. However, even though these wo...

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