A Documentary: Every F-Ing Day Of My Life

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Every F---ing Day of My Life is a documentary that features a family where the husband, Aaron Maldonado, is abusing his wife, Wendy Maldonado, and their children. Left with no chance to escape the brutal domestic violence, it ultimately provoked her to kill her husband with the help of her oldest son, Randy. Wendy was subjected to continual beatings and forced to have sex with Aaron against her will; she mentioned Aaron used to hurt her daily and sometimes, multiple times a day. The court sentenced Wendy 10 years in prison and Randy, 6 years, for first and second-degree manslaughter. Wendy killed her husband as an act of desperation and to protect herself and her children; Aaron did not attack her at the moment, but it was an act of desperation…show more content…
While her relationship with Aaron seemingly started out like they were perfect for each other, the videos documented and shared in the documentary pointed out several red flags that did not showcase a healthy relationship between the two. There were signs suggesting Aaron was mentally ill and had a problem, but she stayed. It is difficult for women in abusive relationships to leave for several reasons such as financial and economic support, love, and to protect her children and herself. He always threatened and intimidated her; if she were to say anything to the cops or anyone else, it would threaten everyone’s safety. According to her testimony, Aaron even had a “Kill Me Spot” designated. He also wrote a song dedicated to her where he sings, “…I’ll kill you always. See your bloody body lying on the floor...Self-murdered bitch I killed.” While Wendy was aware that domestic violence was happening, she stayed with Aaron to protect her loved…show more content…
In one particular incident where Randy called the cops to come, Aaron forced Wendy and Randy to go outside to tell them nothing was wrong. There was a video camera surveillance Aaron used to spy. Even after multiple visits from cops and neighbors witnessing the violence and yelling that was going on, nothing was done. It was only discovered when the police unveiled the pictures one of the children drew to cover up the punches on the wall that the police suspected domestic violence was present in their home. She had no choice and was unable to speak up, because she knew what he was capable of doing to her family and her children. She feared for her children’s safety, but it boggled my mind that even when others tried to help her and her family, she covered it up for the sake of their safety. If she had reached for help, there could have been an alternate outcome. It was evident Randy, Joshua, Marshall, and Tyler grew up in an abusive environment where Aaron would beat them and their mother whenever he wanted to, but nothing was done to bring justice forward. Perhaps, even if Wendy did try to reach out, she felt like no justice would be served and she would still be trapped in that abusive and dangerous

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