A Case Study Of Dementia

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ASSESSMENT 3 I am going to discuss a case of Mrs. Judi Sharman who is 74-years-old widower suffering from severe stage of dementia and has been an aged care home resident for the past two years. At the time of admission into residential care, she was suffering from moderate stage of dementia but now her behavior and psychological symptoms got worsened from past six months. She has been becoming more agitated in evening with sun downing and is physically aggressive at some times and her mood disturbances become problem for other residents and staff members as she starts sudden shouting and disturbs others. She is also experiencing some hallucinations and delusions that represent psychotic illness .Now I will discuss the identification, assessment and management of these symptoms by using current literature. BEHAVIORAL SYPMTOM Mrs. Sharman is experiencing many behavioral symptoms like Agitation, wandering and sleep disturbances but agitated behavior has more concern for the care givers. Agitation is an inappropriate and unexplained verbal or motor activity done by client and is most common and concerning behavioral problem in dementia patients and it is at peak in the evening rather than morning with sun downing (Theison et al. 2008). Mrs. Sharman always creates problems for the care giver in evening when she refused to take tea, medicine or wandered in corridor. It is more prevalent in community settings as compared to residential settings. Researches are going on that it is related to some degenerative disorders or related to environmental or cultural factors (Haibo et al. 2013). There are different types of agitated behavior that Mrs. Sharman shows like talking constantly, repetition of questions, shouting and screaming. It ca... ... middle of paper ... ...nment initiative, Behavior management- A guide to good practice 2012,’Managing behavior and psychological symptom of dementia’ viewed 23 May, 2013. • Anna Katharina theison, Urban W. Geisthoff, Hans Forstel, Stefan G. Schroder 2008 ‘International journal of geriatric psychiatry, Agitation in the morning: symptom of depression in Denmtia?’ Vol. 24, pp. 335-340. • Anne Hoolahan, Janelle Brodaty, Daniel O’Connor 2013 ‘Care planning practices for behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia in residential aged care’ Vol.44. pp 156-169. • Fight Alzheimer’s save Australia ‘Hallucinations and False ideas’ viewed 21 May, 2013, . • Xue Haibo, Xioa Shifo, Chen Chao 2013 ‘Prevalence and severity of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) in community settings’ vol.17. pp. 749-751.

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